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This album is, by far, the most intimate collection of songs I've ever put together. Having found myself without a band but with a strong desire to play music, I decided to start writing and recording on my own. What started as "something to do" quickly became a labour of love.

So this is "headbumpkiss". This album is a collection of hopeful songs. I didn't want the record to be dour in tone. I was wary that a whole album that was solely acoustic may not be the most fun listen. A conscious decision was made to make this an open, honest and emotional experience but to keep it, for the most part at least, an upbeat album. There's moments of distortion and I've put a lot of thought into the vocal harmonies to lift the songs.

The first song, "Seventeen", starts with me talking about a difficult time in my life and ends with "Change & Unity", a song about everything being OK, no matter what is going on, if you have people you love in your life. Had I been in a band whilst writing and recording these songs, I don't think I could have opened up as much as I did whilst putting this together. If the only thing I take from this little adventure is that I can put my heart into songs without feeling scared, it will have been worth it.

I am really hoping that I can put a lovely physical release for "headbumpkiss" out. There will definitely be some DIY CDs available very soon (January 2015) but am hoping (dreaming) of a short run vinyl release.

Please feel free to download this album without worrying about cost. I have made it available to download for free as I want as many people to hear "headbumpkiss" as possible. It's been a great experience for me as an artist and I hope it's a great listen for you as a listener. Please share with your friends!

What is a headbumpkiss? It's the kiss I get from my cat, Vincent, when I get home from work.

If you download "headbumpkiss" you'll also receive two extra "bonus" tracks. They're not "album tracks" but they're by no means off-cuts/outtakes. They simply weren't written for the album. Rather than save them for another release, I'd rather put them on the back of this album as a little extra.

I'll close this by saying that this album would never have been put together without the encouragement of my beautiful wife, Katie. Thanks Francois. x

Charlie Gray
23rd December 2014


released December 23, 2014

All songs written by Charlie Gray.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Charlie Gray.

Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion by Charlie Gray.

Drums on "New Year's Day", "Looking Out For You", "Take It All" and "U-Turn" by Mike Hulbert.



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Music makes me feel awesome. I imagine it's a lot like how crack cocaine feels - without damaging your teeth, losing your marbles or cacking your pants. I'm not sure you have to turn tricks, mug a pensioner or rob a Costcutter for a music fix, either.

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